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Perla Hotel in Sulina

Fotografie colonie de pelicani, excursie cu barca, traseu turistic la Sulina
Discover a dream land
      ... virgin nature, unique in Europe

Tourism at Sulina, Danube Delta

An exotic place

With over 1200 species of trees and plants, and with the richest ornithological (over 300 species of birds, including unique colonies of pelicans) and ichthyological (about 100 species of fish, including the herring of the Danube and the sturgeons, that give the precious caviar) fauna in Europe, the Danube Delta is the largest reservation of the wetlands on the continent, covering an area of 2681 km2.

In 1990, UNESCO introduced the Danube Delta, the newest landform in Romania that is preserved from "the progress of industrialization," amongst the biosphere reservations.

Sulina canal exotic water lilies

Family outings by boat, through the canals of the Danube Delta

A boat trip, in family, in a magical environment, this is the best opportunity to discover the real Danube Delta, beyond imagination. You can admire a virgin, lush vegetation, unique in Europe, countless birds and fish that inhabit it. In a romantic atmosphere, you can find the calm of the nature, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and everyday life.

canal cardon

Tourist itineraries from Sulina:

  • Sulina - the Cardon canal - the Sfiştofca canal - Periprava
  • Sulina - the Cardon canal - the Musura gulf - the Musura branch - the Stambulul Vechi branch - the Chilia branch - Periprava
  • Sulina - the Busurca canal - the Împuţita canal – the seashore - the Tătaru canal - Sfântu Gheorghe
  • Sulina - the Busurca canal - the Roşu canal - the Împuţita canal - the Roşuleţ lake - the Roşuleţ fishery - the Roşu lake - the Roşu tourist base - the Puiu lake - the Mocansca lake - the Erenciuc lake - the Sfântu Gheorghe branch - Sfântu Gheorghe
  • Sulina - the old Lighthouse - the new Lighthouse (at the mouth of Danube) - if the weather allows it, the trip can continue with an exit in the Black Sea
  • Sulina - the pelicans’ colony - Baia de Nord
  • Sulina - the Cardon canal - the Letea village - the Letea forest
intrare canal plimbare delta dunarii

Enjoy the splendid unspoilt beach along the Black Sea

Sulina is one of the last places in Europe having kept a huge unspoiled beach. You can enjoy its fine sand, his beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the fresh Black Sea. The beach access is fast, by minibus or, if you appreciate the walks in nature, by walking 15 to 20 minutes.

plaja virgina sulina

Sport fishing

Sport fishing lovers will find here everything they need, including our "Address Book" of the best places. You can bring your own fishing equipment or you can rent ours. We can also provide a boat rental. We put at your disposal the appropriate bait for the fish that may be caught in the area. We will guide you toward the best fishing areas, we can organize initiation with real professionals, experts in the art of fishing, which will teach you when, how, where, with what tools and with what bait you can catch the best fish.

perla sulina servicii pescuit sportiv

Local traditions

In today’s society, it is more and more difficult to keep contact with the true traditions. Nevertheless, the Danube Delta, with a small population, knew how to keep traditions dating back hundreds of years. Here the people still practice traditional fishing, away from industrialization and efficiency at any price. Here you can still enjoy the real bortsch of fish. The chefs of our restaurant, native of Delta, will prepare for you traditional meals, as they were transmitted from generation to generation.

bors pescaresc, bucatarie traditionala